Groom work in progress

Work In Progress / 06 February 2020

A little sneak peek of the Orc Groom I have done in Xgen. This is an initial preview of the groom where I have removed the long hairs in my previous post to give him more of a personality.

Orc Skin Look-Dev Update

Making Of / 01 February 2020
3 days of progress, Updated Eyes, groom Improvement, Skin texture, displacement, spec and roughness maps, and overall look-dev. 
Just used single HDRI, will test more lighting conditions (takes forever to render!!)  in the next one! 
Next up is the body objects and armor etc.  
Cheers!  😁✌️ 

Work in Progress for my Orc (Grooming)

Work In Progress / 29 January 2020

Some updates for my upcoming project, Quite happy with grooming so far still some tweaks and adjustments will continue till the end of the project. All done in Xgen, Maya. Hopefully, the next post will be more on look dev stage!  :)      #grooming  #art #lookdev #xgen #maya #Orc #3d #character 

Orc work in Progress

General / 19 March 2019

Hi Guys,
This is my new personal project. Wanted to make an orc for a long time and at the same time to study something new like I always do.
For this project, my purpose was to learn how to sculpt anatomy as natural and aesthetically pleasing as possible and at the same time a bit more stylized due to its character personality.
It's a very early stage in terms of look dev.  Here is what I am doing in my free time.  Cheers! :)

   Used Zphere Troll to begin.