Guinea pig look dev test

Guinea pig Look dev test.

Guinea pig Look dev test.

Guinea pig xgen test (wip)

Some fun practice with Xgen in my freetime at Montage tv production, everything from scratch except the environment, Still work in progress and alot to learn about xgen in deep. Thanks to Tarkan Sarim's awesome patreon tutorials.
Not an animator though, so to have realistic movement i basically copied the timing from shuttertock footage of a real guinea pig and some manual tweaks.Still didn't figured out how to sim groom dynamics. After rig, i used 48 corrective shapes from Maya's pose editor to make body sillhoute right but again alot of tweaks still left from every aspect. Updates in later posts.
and ofcourse its rendered with redshift.

Any constructive feedback will be helpful.

August 15, 2018