Barbie EXTRA (Oh My Wow!) Official Music Video

A cool gig I did with Jesus Fernandez, Monserrat Sanabria, and Marcelo R. Souza during the lockdown. CarbonVFX and Jesus were super supportive in this project with their feedbacks. Can't thank you enough guys!! ❤
We had a very tight deadline, almost less than a month on this groom and look dev task for 5 characters in the given timeline. The Challenge was to create life-like dolls with the look and feel like doll plastic hairs and not real hairs.

I was mainly responsible for creating the character groom setups for barbie dolls then later helped in all the dolls, look-dev for the groom for 3 dolls, and sim rig setup in Ornatrix. Simulation and the final output are done by the Carbon VFX team.
Overall it turned out really well.

December 26, 2020