Portrait of Kareem Sultan

This is my research project on how to handle scan objects and process it for production use. The face is rigged following Jason Osipa Method.
i did low res scan of my friend Kareem, and used texturing.xyz maps for tertiary details for face, eyes and fabrics.
Used Zbrush fibers as base for Ornatrix.

Muhammx waseem kareemportriat

Portrait of Kareem Sultan

Muhammx waseem 2
Muhammx waseem progress

Process from Scan to Finished Sculpt.

Muhammx waseem ornatrix grooms

Ornatrix Groom

Muhammx waseem xyz maps mari

Texturing.xyz maps painted in Mari

Muhammx waseem texture mari 2

Texture map painted in Mari

Muhammx waseem zpreview 01

Closeup face

Muhammx waseem zpreview 02
Muhammx waseem zpreview 03